Never let a Boxer near coffee


A few things have happened since I last blogged.

First of all, N and I got our lease in the mail! So, all we have to do is sign it, get it notarized and send it back. Easy, right? WRONG. I had forgotten to ask what pages the property manager wanted notarized, so I assumed every page that required a signature. (You know what they say about assuming? Well it made an ass out of me!)
N and I went to the UPS store this past Saturday with about 16 pages that required our signatures. The woman at the desk, Sandy, told us that it would be $10 for the first stamp and $5 for every stamp afterwards. We were easily looking at paying $85 for some girl to watch us sign papers! Uh, no thank you. We found out later that N’s bank does it for free (saving money!), so we’re going there later on today.

After we got home from The UPS store, I left the lease papers on my coffee table in the living room. Get up on Monday (Sunday the papers stayed there, no problem) and I can’t find my lease. Anywhere. Walked towards the kitchen and I see every page soaked in coffee laying out to dry on the porch. Immediately my parent’s dog, Nala (pictured above) ran under one of the side tables in the living room after hearing me swear multiple times.

If you can’t tell, Nala is a boxer. She doesn’t have her ears clipped and she has a full tail, unlike the boxers people usually have. On this particular morning, Nala was so excited to see my mom and tried to jump up on the couch. I’m guessing you guys can see where this is leading.. And you’re right. Nala’s whip of a tail knocked over the coffee mug and saturated my lease.

I know it’s my fault leaving the papers out, but I was kind of mad at Nala the rest of the day. That is, until she tried to fight with the water coming out of the hose. She’s too cute to stay mad at.

In more news: the Bruins lost. N and I went to one of my favorite dive bars in Boston, The Red Hat. I’ve been going there since I was a sophomore in college (ah, the days of fake IDs and hardly any scanners!) and it’s great. The pitchers are cheap, the food is delicious and all the servers are such hot shits. Not to mention N is in love with their 10 cent wings. That’s right, you can get 10 wings for a DOLLAR!

Anyways, we got to the Hat around 9:15 and right when we walked in the door, the Blackhawks scored. We should have taken that as a sign and turned around and walked home, but unfortunately, we can’t see into the future. Game was going pretty good. Lots of physical plays, Bergeron was in and Chara was being his usual bad-ass.

Picture it, the last 2 minutes. Bruins up 2-1. All eyes fixated on the television. Some drunk people screaming for Tuukk to hold out, for only 2 more minutes. 1 minute left. We had it in the bag! Guys yelling for tequila shots from the bartender, girls kissing their boyfriends, people chanting, “Go, go, go, go, go!” Then it happened. The Blackhawks scored. “But that’s okay, that’s okay,” everybody said, “overtime isn’t bad! We’ll get them!” 19 seconds later- the Blackhawks scored again. 3-2. Tuukka Rask was taken out- Empty net. With 19 seconds left in the period, we saw defeat. The Blackhawks shot it down to our end, missing our goal, but wasting enough time to make sure the Bruins didn’t tie it up.

The Blackhawks won the Cup. In Boston. Talk about depressing. The Bruins will get it next year, I can feel it. I’m sad though, I really wanted a duck boat parade to take place- not just because of the Cup but because of the bombing that happened 2 months and 10 days ago. The parade would have been the morale boost that the city needs.

And so far, there’s been no news from school yet. I still don’t know my section or any of my classes. Not that I’m expecting to so soon, but I’m still getting antsy. Once I get my schedule I’ll feel like I’m really going, you know? But there was a Facebook group made by some of the 2/3Ls for us baby 1Ls and people are already talking about meeting up before orientation. That should be fun!

Until then!
Stay tipsy!


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