Paging the job fairy!

I lost my internship in February and since then, I’ve sent my resume to over 30 different positions and heard back from zero of them. I originally was okay with the idea of having a free summer, but now that I just scraped enough money to pay my rent, I’m not okay with the idea.

I figured I could work for the same chain restaurant down in Philly that I used to work at in Boston, but I really didn’t want to go back into the food industry. That, and I’d work for what, four weeks and then quit? That just seems so stupid to me. That’s two paychecks, but depending on the hours I’m given, could be as little as $50 each. Worth it? No. So, I decided to make and account on and try and be a nanny/baby sitter for the summer. Most kids go back to school at the end of August, beginning of September, so it’s the perfect time frame. That and the pay is done all under the table. Hello, no taxes!

I’ve applied to four different jobs and one parent replied back this morning asking about potential fall hours. I already decided that I’m not working during my first year, I can afford not to work because of loans, but I can’t afford to not spend all possible free time studying.

I’m just worried about making rent before my loan refund kicks in. My parents offered to help, but I would rather ask them for $200 instead of $650, you know?

Paging the job fairy! I need a summer job!
Particularly ones that involves keeping my clothes on and not selling drugs.

I’ll keep you updated!
Stay tipsy!


2 thoughts on “Paging the job fairy!

  1. Really? I’m glad that somebody had success on there! How was the hiring process? Do you like the job? I’m sorry I’m so nosy, I’ve never known anybody else on Care.


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