Tying up some loose ends

Although I live in Boston and have for the past few years, my parents live in Rhode Island and every couple of weeks I’ll come home to visit them. Since all of my friends are either working full time or have moved back home- I decided to spend my last 4th of July with my family.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend, but I’m glad I came home. I need to pack away some stuff I left behind, get a new computer and see my family before I move. Not to mention see days worth of fireworks.

Here are the things I still have to get done before I move:
-Pack everything away
-Begin forwarding my mail
-Mail back my lease
-Pay off some of my credit card to rent the moving truck.
-Find a job

Moving day is just 8 days away! Hurray!

Now onto stuff about school:

My financial aid package has been updated and revised, which is a relief. The funds get credited to my account 10 days before classes start, which is another huge relief- I only have to plan to pay for one month of rent before my loans kick in. I still don’t know which section I’m in yet- but that’s expected.

A girl I went to undergrad with who also goes to the law school offered to sell me her first year books for cheap and give me pointers on various professors. I thought that was so nice of her to do that for me. I’m sure she has a lot on her plate right now going into her 2L year and to take the time out to help me is so thoughtful.

Hope everybody enjoyed their holiday weekend!
Stay tipsy!


3 thoughts on “Tying up some loose ends

    1. Yeah, she said that she highlighted pretty often and said it could bother some people. But, she offered to let me look at them before I buy them to make sure it’s not an issue for me. Maybe that 2L will do the same for you?


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