5 days to moving day!

Since there’s only 5 days left until I move to Philadelphia, I’m starting to question whether this is the right decision for me. Do I really want to move over 300 miles away? What about my family? What about my grandparents? What if something happens? Should I have applied to schools in Boston? Or schools closer to home? What if I really hate the area and decide to transfer?

For the record, I asked myself all the same questions when I moved the hour away from RI to Boston for undergrad. That move was one of the best decisions of my life. I love Boston and living in the middle of a city. It’s never boring, there’s tons of stuff to do, things to see and restaurants to try. I thrive in the middle of city chaos.

I tried to ask N last night if we were making the right choice. (Little background info: N’s 25 and this is the first time he’s moving. Ever. So he’s just itching to get out of his Mom’s house and be an actual adult.) He’s all for this move- no doubts in his mind, at ALL. That made me feel better. If someone who has never moved before believes that this is the right decision, then maybe it is. I just have to start thinking positively and it’ll be a positive situation.

ANYWAYS! I’ve really gotten into the packing frenzy now. Most of the pictures/knick knacks are off my bedroom walls, sweatshirts are all packed away, shoes are packed away and the closet is nearly empty. My tupperware is packed, some non perishables have been packed and under the bathroom sink/medicine cabinet has been emptied. Oh, and Penske has also emailed me a confirmation for my truck.

I’ve also set a date to have my mail forwarded, bought a new computer and picked up the last few items from my parents house. The last time I left my parents house, everybody was getting so weepy and sad. Don’t they realize that it makes me feel AWFUL?! I’m the reason they’re sad and I can’t do anything about it. Anybody else ever go through this? What did you do?

The next few days are going to be filled with packing, cleaning and more packing. Saturday is my going away party at Hub Pub in downtown Boston. I’m hoping it’ll be a nice turnout and a great way to say goodbye to the city and people I love.

Any packing tips from you readers? What about moving tips? Any way to make the 6 hour ride go by a little bit faster?

Until then,
Stay tipsy!


5 thoughts on “5 days to moving day!

  1. I agree with labeling your boxes and really making sure you only bring things that are necessary for your move. Other than that, I think that it’s pretty cool how similar our stories are. My boyfriend has been living on his own (well with me) for about 6 years, but he’s from our current city so he’s so excited to move; he has no doubts. Me on the other hand, I’m excited as well – but of course I always have to question things (naturally right?). I’m moving about 8 hours away. Also away from my family.


  2. Label your boxes…and pack them with some sort of organization (i.e. by room). My mom got really weepy last week, too. I know it sound really harsh, but I just had to close the door on her when it was time for her to go. I think drawing it out would have made the situation worse. Good luck with your move!


    1. Those are good tips! Right now I just have the boxes labeled by whats in them, but by room would be so much more helpful. Good luck on your move and dealing with your mom!


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