Tears, beers and saying goodbyes.


In other words, I’m moving in 3 DAYS! Can you believe it?! I sure as shit can’t!
I still hasn’t really hit me, yet. It’s almost like when you have to go to the dentist. You know the appointment is on a certain day, but you really don’t realize you have a dentist appointment until the actual day of the appointment. So you rush around like a crazy person trying to get there in time.
I’m not even sure that made any sense. I’m sorry. I haven’t had my coffee this morning.

It’s hit my friends/family though. Background story: I’m the second oldest out of four grandchildren. My older cousin went 40 minutes away for college, but came home all the time because she wasn’t ready to be away from family. I went an hour away for undergrad and loved it. I hardly went home unless it was a holiday or some type of appointment. But now, I’m going 5 hours/300 miles away. For my poor Grammie who has never lived anywhere but the city she was born/raised in, this is an eternity away. She is also is petrified to fly, so that rules out the hour flight and won’t drive for long periods of time. To her, me leaving is the end of the world. Unfathomable. (When I first told her that I got into law school in PA, she started crying and asked why I would do that to her.)
My parents/sister are pretty indifferent about me moving. To them, I’m still somewhat close, it’s an hour flight and it’s a doable drive. They also have faith that I’m making the right decision and picked the school that I felt complimented me.

My friends on the other hand? They’re taking it pretty hard, especially Megan and Lauren. I’ve known Megan my entire undergrad career and she’s easily one of my best friends. Our personalities mesh so well that it’s like we’re the same person. I became really close to Lauren about a year ago when the three of us got tickets to a taping of X-Factor in Providence. She is the calm I need in my life. Don’t get me wrong, she can party like nobody’s business, but she is always one to keep her friends close to her heart.

During the school year, every Wednesday was “Wine Wednesday” and the three of us would get together and watch X-Factor (Oh, our mutual love of Britney Spears also brought the three of us together), SVU or Ghost Hunters. We would drink wine, talk about anything going on and just enjoy each other’s company. From the beginning of school to now, we’ve had almost 40 of these and this past Wednesday was our last one.

We all had a lot of things on our minds, so we watched the Little Mermaid as a way to just forget about everything. I mean, it worked really well. Until Lauren had to leave and it turned into an absolute cry-fest. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. I’m usually not when to cry in front of anybody, but with friends like these, it feels more like saying good bye to family. As you can tell, I’m not one for goodbyes, it feels too concrete for me. I like saying, “see you later” or “I’ll see you in a little bit” and I’m not “moving” I’m just “relocating for the time being”.

I’m spending the rest of today cleaning, packing and obviously crying to the Yoga Sounds pandora station. Saturday is my going away party, so I’m going to try to get obliterated so I don’t remember the goodbyes or if I cry publicly. N’s coming up that day and going to the party, so I have someone to bring me water/aspirin the next morning, which’ll be nice. And then it’s Monday.

So far here’s the schedule for Monday:
6 AM: Get up, back all essentials away. Eat some type of breakfast.
7 AM: Bring all bags/boxes next to the doorway for easy pick up.
8 AM: Pick up truck
8:30 AM: Get back to apartment/start packing the truck
9:30 AM: Get done with packing, hit the road for N’s House.
11 AM: Get to N’s house, pack up the truck. Say goodbye to his family.
11:30 AM: Drop by my parent’s house, say goodbye to them.
12 PM: Pick up the couch from N’s brother, say goodbye to them.
Google maps says it’ll take about 4 hours and 45 minutes, but in current traffic 5 hours. We’d get there just in time before the office closes.

Wish us luck, everybody! I’ll update you as soon as I can!
Stay tipsy!


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