All unpacked… and bored.

This is my first blog post in my new apartment! Hey, girl, hey!

We have 98% of our stuff unpacked, but it took us about three days to do so. I never realized how much stuff I actually own until I’m trying to find places to put it. Internet got up and running today (thank god!) and we’re getting cable on Sunday (thank god x 2).

As much as we need stuff for the apartment, today is being spent looking for jobs. I’ve applied for 6 baby sitting jobs today and I’ve heard back from 0 so far. I’m trying not to fret and give them some time to go over all the applications, but I’m getting so bored sitting around the apartment. And if N gets a job before I do, I’m really going to have nothing to do but go on Twitter and watch the SEPTA train go by. Don’t get me wrong, I want N to get a job, especially since he doesn’t start school until September 23rd, I’m just being selfish. It’s hard having no friends.

I have an interview next Tuesday to be a part time sitter, so I’m hoping that will work out. Rent’s due in exactly 14 days, so I NEED to have some sort of income coming in or else I’m screwed.

Other than looking for jobs and unpacking, nothing really else has gone on. I still don’t know my section or any of my classes, yet.

I figured I’d get you guys all up-to-date on my very boring life. Hopefully within the next few weeks the excitement will pick up and I’ll post some funny/embarrassing stories for you.

Stay tipsy!


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