My inner nerd is coming out. Badly.

Most days (by most, I mean every day since we’ve moved in) N and I just stay home and watch Netflix. Every few hours we’ll feed ourselves some crap we’ve thrown together and if we’re lucky, stay up past 11 PM.

Luckily for all, the countdown for school has hit the month mark. The back to school commercials have started to air, Walmart has been deemed 10% cheaper than its competitors and I bought a new weekly planner at Bed Bath and Beyond. But, I am actually genuinely sad about something. Since I’m typing all my notes, I won’t be buying new notebooks or folders and I have enough left over pens and pencils to last all year. Oh the humanity! Technology just loves to ruin the little back to school moments, doesn’t it?

How sad is it that I’m really excited to use my new planner and write my new schedule in it? This is too pathetic, I need a beer.

Stay tipsy!


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