I’m now a working girl!

As most of you readers know, I went on an interview last Monday to be a babysitter for a family that messaged me on Care.com. Great family, cute kids, good hours, the whole shabang. When I was getting up to leave, the dad asked me to be at the house on Thursday at 8:30 AM to start! WEEE! I was so excited until I heard his wife say, “actually we have another interview tomorrow so we’ll have to let you know about Thursday.” Just like that, all my excitement vanished. My face before the mom spoke: :D. My face after the mom spoke: 😥
Figured, eh, not going to get it. If the mom said that they were interviewing somebody else, she must think they’re going to be a better fit. No big deal, there’s always somebody better than you out there. On Tuesday, I got a call from the Dad telling me that the second interview had to be rescheduled, so not to come on Thursday and he’ll let me know by the weekend. That really fueled the notion that I wasn’t going to get it.

Wednesday I had an interview with another family. The position would only be occasional, on an as needed basis. At the end of the interview, they offered me the job, but wanted me to have a few trial days first- when the parents are there and can see how well the child and I mesh together. We scheduled a date and time next week and I left feeling… torn.

On the one hand, I had a paying job but on the other hand, it wasn’t the job I really wanted. But, I couldn’t control who wanted to hire me, so I accepted it… Until today. N and I were watching Breaking Bad on Netflix when I had a Pennsylvania number call me. Since I’m new to the area and nobody has my phone number, I let it go to voice mail to listen to later. Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up listening to it the second the voice mail icon appeared. And guess who it happened to be? That’s right- Dad. And he was offering me the position! EEEEE. My face went back to this :D.

But wait, you’re saying. You already said you’d sit for the second family. Ah, thanks. What was I going to do? How was I going to tell them I couldn’t take their job after I already accepted it? I hate confrontation. I would literally do ANYTHING else than confront somebody. Stub my pinkie toe? Yup. Get food poisoning and shit during class? Oh yeah. Honest to God, I’d even put myself into the witness protection program, anything to get out of confronting someone.

Like anybody else in this situation, I took to Google and my mom to help me. Google somewhat told me what to do, but in all cases it was for job offers with actual companies, not as a baby sitter. So, I turned to my mom. Honestly, my mom gives the best advice (except for when I was picked on in elementary school. Her advice was to keep repeating “I know you are, but what am I?” over and over again until the person picking on me just gave up. Yeah, great advice. That sucked.) She said to just call them and be honest about the situation, that the new job offer was close to full time and financially that was what I needed right now.

I called about an hour ago and left a voice mail for the second family. I became so nervous I started stuttering and my hands became moist and shaky. I’m a disgusting human being. I feel awful, but I have to do what I have to do, you know?

Anybody else ever been in this situation before? How did you deal?

Until the next post!
Stay tipsy!


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