Finally started my job… And got into a car accident


Hey readers!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I started my job as a full time nanny for this wonderful family, and I worked 46 hours this past week. It’s been so nice to get out of the apartment and finally earn some money. If I got one more Bank of America alert about having $12.52 in my bank account, I was going to go take a dirt nap.

Here’s what’s gone on in my life in the past week:
-Got a job
-Watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad (new/last season starts August 11!)
-Got into a car accident. (if you couldn’t tell from the picture above or the title)

Yup. A car accident. I had one of the kids I nanny in the car, too, which made it way worse. Both of us are fine, no bumps or bruises or anything. Thankfully, the accident and the damage was pretty minor. The man who hit us was in the left lane and stopped behind a line of cars waiting to turn. He tried to get in the right lane, where I was, to get around the cars but hit my drivers side instead. He admitted fault right away and there was a cop a few cars behind me, two things which never EVER happen, so that makes everything easier.

I feel awful though, considering the car is N’s and so is the insurance. Oops. I should be getting the Girlfriend of the Year award any day now.
To make it up to him, we went grocery shopping last night and bought stuff for tacos, nachos and scalloped potatoes, all paid for be yours truly! I just love being a working girl!

N starts his training today to be a server, too. It feels so good to have two incomes coming in and having schedules to adhere to. I felt like such a slob kabob sitting around the house all day watching netflix and refreeshing TMZ. Now I only do that on the weekends.

I still haven’t received my section or my schedule, which is extremely annoying. I hate when schools say late July, early August and wait until early August to send stuff out. I’m going to try that with my financial aid stuff, see how they like it.

I’ll let you know if I ever hear about my section. But at this rate, I’ll probably let you know my retirement date before my section letter.

Until then, stay tipsy!
PS: I FINALLY HAVE TWO BOTTLES OF WINE IN THE HOUSE! Guess who’s going to be watching E! Movies We Love and drinking alone all night?! Oh yeah, this girl!


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