8 days until classes start!

I think after this summer is over, I’ll never EVER do a countdown until school starts. I’m just so bored. Thank god I’ve been working full time for the past few weeks, I would have gone crazy sitting at home.

Let’ me catch you up on the past week or so:
1. Got my tentative schedule (which I just found out is now official)
2. Found a few people that are in my section and my classes… And met them in person!
3. Attended a VLS hosted networking event in the city.
4. Went to a cute cookout hosted by another 1L and met a ton of super nice people.

This coming week is going to FLY BY. Monday and Tuesday I’m working all day, Wednesday and Thursday is orientation, and Friday is my last day of work. I can’t believe it’s already been a month that I’ve worked for my family and that it’s already time to leave them.

I’m really looking forward to orientation! I’m sure everybody will be just as anxious to get to know the professors and the other students. I’m so glad that the orientation for law school won’t be anything like the orientation for undergrad.

Although, I have a feeling that orientation would be a lot more laid back if there was an open bar… But that’s just me.

Anybody else go to orientation yet? When are your classes?


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