First day of school tomorrow!

Does everybody remember that scene at the end of “Finding Nemo” where Nemo wakes up full of energy and ready to go to school?
That won’t be me tomorrow.

I haven’t been to school since late April, so it’s hard to convince myself that I actually have an 8:15 AM Torts class tomorrow, a 10:40 AM Crim Law class and a 1:00 PM Civ Pro class.

I had 89 assigned pages of reading for the first day- and that’s not including email attachments- and 4 cases to brief. Talk about an overload!
Poor N. I get up before him to start reading in the living room and when he wakes up, I go back into the bedroom to finish the reading. I feel like a hermit.

Orientation was last week, which was really informative, but also overwhelming at the same time. I heard a lot about the various clubs around campus and I’m definitely interested in joining some! I never joined any clubs in undergrad because I put working/internships first. Since I’m not working this first year, it’ll do me some good to break out of my shell and make some friends that aren’t in my section (or year!)

I’ve gotten so many different pieces of advice from students, professors, faculty and staff. It’s really difficult to decide which pieces will work for me, and which won’t until I try them all.

Hopefully I don’t get called on the first day so I can see the professors methods first. With my luck, I’ll be the first one and I won’t remember anything. Here’s hoping I don’t cry in front of everybody. That’s what bathrooms are for!

Wish me luck tomorrow!
PS: Welcome to 1L Hell!


One thought on “First day of school tomorrow!

  1. Good luck on your first day of classes! I remember my first week — it was overwhelmed and disconnected and a little terrifying. But also a really fun experience I miss now. Don’t work too hard too fast! 🙂


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