I survived my first week!

Hey guys! I officially survived my first week of 1L Hell (in other words, law school)!

Let me tell you, these past 5 days felt more like 50 days. My average day was 8:15-2:15, so only 6 hours. But then, I had another 6 hours of homework to do once I got home. 6+6 =12 hours down. Add another 8 for sleeping (I’m beyond spoiled and make sure to get 8 hours a night) and you get 20 hours. Between class, homework and sleeping, that’s 4 hours left a day to do what I want. Unfortunately, I wake up 2 hours before class, so I’m only left 2 hours. I still have to eat dinner, take a shower and take into account the time it takes me to get to school and get home.  I’m left with about 15 minutes of free time.

Let me tell you- those 15 minutes are fucking precious to me. Since N works a lot of doubles, I don’t even have to share those with anybody. Just me. Alone. No books. No people. No anything. It’s GREAT.  If you interrupt those 15 minutes, I’ll freak. Which is why I told everybody I know NOT to call me, that I’ll call them.

Let’s talk about classes! Crim law is my favorite. It’s really interesting to learn about the different aspects of crimes and how those aspects can determine which punishment you can receive. Writing, at least right now, is my least favorite class. I’m sure once I get the basics down I’ll enjoy it more.

The food at school is great. I’m actually really surprised and grateful! Nothing better than having a canceled class and knowing that decent food is right there. Or, it’s possible that I’m the only one that thinks that way.

Anyways, some helpful advice that I want to give out: Keep your hobbies! I’ve kept two TV shows that I watch on the actual day/time they’re on. While they’re both hour long shows, I make sure to get my work done before they come on. That way, I don’t feel guilty about not doing work and I have an hour to relax. My other piece of advice: Try to eat as healthy as possible. I’ve noticed that if I have one too many glasses of wine at night or some chips, I drag ass the next day. That’s not a good mindset to be in anyways, forget in law school. Lastly, go to the student happy hours! I’ve only been to two so far, but I was able to talk to a few Deans, professors and other students. While I may not have classes with them, it’s nice to see a familiar face in the hallway or the cafeteria. 

Anyways, I’ve taken off enough time for school work. Just wanted to check in with everybody! How was your first days/weeks?


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