Beyond busy!

Sorry I haven’t updated you guys in awhile!

It’s been exactly 15 days since my last post, so I should have something exciting/informative/funny/insightful to say, right?

I’m starting to get into the swing of things with my classes. My professors are all extremely nice and willing to break stuff down so even my dumb ass can understand it. I swear, when other people get cold called on during class they sound so smart- like they have all their shit together. By the time they finish their answer, it feels like I’m just finding the reasoning in my notes. Obviously I’m being dramatic, but still; sometimes I feel really dumb. On days like that I just go on twitter and see how many people misspell cologne as colon; makes me feel 1000% better. Go ahead and try it. It’s the equivalent to going to Wal-Mart when you feel ugly.

Few events from the past few weeks: 

Red Mass and it’s reception. I had so much fun! It was so refreshing to wear a nice dress, put on some heels and not talk law… And get some free wine. For those of you who don’t know, Red Mass is this annual mass (duh) to mark the opening of the Supreme Court’s October start; it’s also a mass to ask for guidance for those in the legal field. After the mass was a reception; after the reception was the after-party at a local bar/club. I got my drank on, got my dance on, it was fab. The next day however, not so fab. Woof.

Last Thursday, school held their annual student activities fair. My one regret during undergrad was that I didn’t get involved in any clubs or organizations. Instead, I chose to work at both a part-time job and a part-time internship. Since I’m not able to work this first year, I figured that I might as well join a few organizations, make some friends and possibly find an area of law that interests me. I signed up for the Irish Law Society, the PA Bar Organization, PIFP (public interest), Student Animal League Defense fund, and the Law Fraternity. I doubt that I’ll become a member of all of them, but it doesn’t hurt to get some information in the meantime.

Now onto to stuff about classes!
I GOT COLD CALLED ON THE OTHER DAY. I almost shit. Just kidding. Kind of.

It was in Civ Pro, my last class of the day. The class is from 1:00-2:15, but I walk in and I immediately get that 2:30 feeling. I’m already not the brightest crayon in the box, but after surviving my first cold call; I convinced myself that I’m not as dumb as I think I am. All the prof asked me was for the facts of 3 cases, what the d’s relationship with the forum state was, and if due process was met. I answered all the questions and for the most got the right answer. The questions I didn’t get right? Nobody laughed, or snickered. Nobody whispered that I was dumb or what the right answer should have been. The professor even helped me figure it out instead of making an uncomfortable situation. So, what I’m trying to say is: It’s really not bad… As long as you’re prepared.

Time to vent! My legal writing class is horrid. You know how there are just some certain people out there that rub you the wrong way, even if they’re not doing anything bad? That’s this professor to me. I don’t care for her teaching style or even her, to be honest. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything from the class; in fact, google answers my questions better than she does. She assigned the discussion section for a closed memo for homework last week and it took me almost 3 hours to do it. 3 HOURS. It was only FOUR PAGES. After I submitted it, I sat on my couch and cried for a good half an hour. A few of my friends (yes, I made friends! They’re nice, too!) went to her office hours and said she was so helpful regarding questions, that I need to go. I’m not going to pay all of this money to not understand something.

So far, 1L hasn’t been the god-awful experience that I was expecting. Busy? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. Emotionally draining? Yes. But, I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m so overwhelmed that I’m physically/emotionally/mentally paralyzed. I still get eight hours of sleep, I eat pretty well and I bathe pretty consistently. I talk to my family at least once every two weeks for over an hour each time. I mean, come exam time I’ll probably be sleep deprived, living off of cheese sticks and coffee and smelly as shit, but until then I’m golden.

I’ll try and update on a more regular basis!
Happy pre-Monday!


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