Week 6 is almost over. Phew.

It’s been 6 weeks of law school already! I’ve skipped meals, slept too little, ignored text messages, e-mails and phone calls nearly every day. You know what? I’m okay with it.

Each day, I drag my ass out of my bed while it’s still dark out and pack my things for Torts, Crim and Civ. I drink at least two cups of coffee while watching the news and going over my notes. I have N drive me to school half an hour before my class so I can go over my notes there, too. I go to my classes and my T.A sessions and get home by 3 PM.

I really can’t complain though, because it’s what I wanted. That’s what I remind myself everyday. I worked hard to get into law school and I’m sure as shit not dropping out, so I might as well work my ass off.

I’ve met a great group of friends and I’m so glad. It’s so good to have a support system who understands exactly what I’m going through, since they’re going through the exact same thing.


Now that it’s fall, that means fall activities! N and I are going to pick apples and pumpkins soon and I’m so excited! I love baking and fresh apples are the BEST to bake with! Plus, pinterest keeps showing me glitter covered pumpkins and I REALLY WANT TO USE GLITTER! Fall also means coffee, cinnamon, leaves, pumpkins and soups! Somebody color me excited, because I AM EXCITED!

Oh, and I’m buying my first car! Yipee for finally becoming an adult!
😀 😀 😀

I’m hoping that October will be full of fun, booze, leaves and friends!
And booze. Can’t forget the booze.
Snacks, too.


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