Crunch time’s approaching.

It’s hard to believe that the semester is more than halfway over. Sometimes it feels like I’ve already been in school for years.

Anyways, I have a new countdown going:
7 Weeks. 49 Days. 21 Civ Pro & Crim/7 Writing/14 Torts classes until FINALS.


My Civ Pro TA wants the outlines finished by the middle of November so she can go over them and make sure there’s nothing missing. THANK GOD. CIv Pro is the class were I get lost so easily. One second we’re talking about Pennoyer, the next section we’re talking about venue and the domicile of a corporation. I’m sitting there with panic in my eyes. I’m pretty sure the prof can smell the fear coming off of me.

I started doing my outline for Crim last night. I figure it’ll take about 3-4 days to go through my notes, so hopefully my outline can get done this weekend. Then every weekend from now on I’ll get a subject done.  If I stick to that plan, that means that I’ll have to bring homework home when I go back in two weeks.. And again for Thanksgiving. 😦 😦 😦

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Halloween! ACTUALLY 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN IS ON TONIGHT.

Got to get my outline done! I want to watch ABC Family tonight.


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