Neat little boxes

Very relatable for all of those trying to make everything work.

Lawyer in the Making

When I first started learning possessory estates, my property professor said that every single estate has to be crammed into one of seven? (maybe not, it’s late and I don’t feel like counting) boxes. I never thought about how much in my life I try to neatly cram into a box just to make sense of life. I like things to be categorized, color coated, and organized so putting things into “boxes” seems like a natural process.

Lately, my life has been more difficult to put into perfect little boxes. School has consumed my life and it’s not as easy to separate school, Patrick, and doing the most basic things to keep my life going. I’ve never had so many things going on at once that needed my attention at the same time. In a few weeks, the semester starts to wrap up and I have finals, a paper on…

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