Jeans are starting to piss me off.

I don’t mind jeans. I really really don’t. But since I’ve gained some weight (thanks law school!) I’m none to pleased with how these jeans fit lately.
I’ve been trying to watch what I eat so I don’t turn in to a hippo, but I made cookies two nights ago.. and we all know where this story is going to go.

I’ve started to wear leggings and MC Hammer pants to class. I tried not to. I really really did. But all the other girls looked SO COMFORTABLE in their leggings. So, today, I’m doing it. I’m going to school in leggings. (In my defense, they’re not actual leggings. They’re more like jeggings, but in a thick elastic-y material with faux leather on the sides.) Oh, and they’re NOT see through. It’s amazing how many people show up to class in club wear. I’m sorry, is this Club Civ Pro? I don’t think so. Cover your bum. Save that for the weekend, if you really want a bunch of drunk strangers gawking at your rear end.

Since I’m more casual on the bottom today, I’m dressing up my top with a blue blazer and orange scarf. BOOM. Casual wear, not club wear. It’s all in the accessories, people.

Remember, you’re judged on what you wear. If you dress like a skank, people will think you’re a skank and treat you as such. The legal field is all based off networking; why would you give somebody a reason to remember you in a negative way?

End rant.


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