Let’s talk about current events.

Let’s talk about current events.

This story has been in the news a lot the past few days.

If you haven’t heard about it/read the link, a 13 year old boy in Northern California was walking down the street carrying an imitation assault rifle. Somebody called the police to report a suspicious person and police caught up with the boy. They shouted at him to put down his gun, but the boy didn’t and according to police, actually had started to lift the barrel towards them. The police, believing their lives were in danger, shot at the boy 7 times, killing him.

Residents of Santa Rosa have been protesting the sheriff’s office for firing upon a child, and now the FBI is involved.

On one hand, I feel really badly for the kid’s family. Nobody wants to bury their child, especially under these circumstances. But on the other hand, seriously? Someone is walking down the street with, what police assume is, a real gun and that person refuses police orders to drop it AND STARTS TO LIFT THE BARREL UP TO POLICE and people are angry that the kid was shot?

If it wasn’t a 13 year old kid who was shot and was a 56 year old man, would anybody bat an eye? No. People would say that the adult should have known not to do that. Why is it all these excuses are made for a 13 year old? Why did the 13 year old even have an imitation ASSAULT rifle?! Why was he carrying it down the road to begin with?

The people of Santa Rosa are angry at police for doing their jobs, and that makes me sad.


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