I’m finally home!

First of all, it took me 7 (!!!) hours to get home; as opposed to the usual 5/5.5.
Secondly, someone was moving their house. HONESTLY. DURING THE HOLIDAY GRIDLOCK TRAFFIC AND YOU’RE GOING TO MOVE A HOUSE?! So rude. So disrespectful. So out of touch with reality.

Anyways, I spent yesterday with my Grammie; we got lunch and sat by the fireplace with a few glasses of wine. It was heaven. Then I fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours, woke up and watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with my mom and the dog. It’s days like yesterday when I wonder why the hell I decided to move so far away.

Today is supposed to be put aside for Christmas shopping. I haven’t done any shopping! Between classes, studying for finals, actually taking finals I spent any spare second either in the law school or in my bed, sleeping. I have a vague idea of what to get people which is helpful; here’s to hoping that the stores will have the items.

Also, side vent: I hate picky people. I have a few incidents of finding gifts I’ve given to people that had been shoved behind a sink, unopened, covered in dust. It makes me really sad because I spent the money on that gift which I thought that person would like and I turn around and they don’t like it. At least put it away or re-gift it to someone so it’s not in the house.

It’s the holiday season, I suppose. Well, let’s cheers to one semester completed and a whole month of laying on the couching sending out resumes!

Happy Holidays, readers!

OH PS!!! One of my best friends from undergrad just got into law school! She’s doing part-time so she’s starting in January!!!! I’m SO EXCITED!


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