I’m not naive, but my HS friends have changed and I don’t like it.

In high school, I was in a group of 5 friends. We did everything together for a bit, but then began to drift away from each other, as is normal.
In college, we had moments of ups and downs- meaning some weeks we’d be close, but sometimes we’d go weeks or months without talking.
Now, we’re either working or in grad/law school and hardly talk. Tonight is the first night four out of the five of us have been together.  I didn’t like it.

Maybe I just romanticized our friendships over the past few years, glossing over the pitfalls and highlighting the peaks, but even that can’t describe the dinner I went through tonight.
One friend is my cousin. I see her semi-often when I’m home.
One friend I haven’t seen since who-knows-when, but has remained the same since high school.
One friend has done a complete 180 personality-wise. She sat during dinner, barely spoke and texted her boyfriend the entire time. I found out later that all she does is smoke now, meaning multiple times a day. She claims it makes her calm and that she’s high functioning, but it doesn’t seem that way to me.

Dinner was horrible. I should have gotten a cocktail.


One thought on “I’m not naive, but my HS friends have changed and I don’t like it.

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