I usually don’t post twice in one day, but…

I ran into somebody I went to high school with. I’ve been home since the 18th and I hadn’t run into anybody from HS, that is, until today.

I decided to spend NYE at home with my parents. No fancy parties. No fancy clothes. Just me, my parents, my dog, some Chinese take-out and a few bottles of champagne. I had zero motivation to go out and buy alcohol all day, but at 4:30 I knew that I needed to get my ass in gear if I wanted to be drunk before midnight. I threw on some jeans, a sweater, perfume and a few swipes of mascara. No foundation, no powder, no lip gloss. I looked like a zombie in the face, but my hair looked pretty decent, so I guess that’s a perk.

I get to the liquor store and can’t remember where the champagne is kept. I walked up and down each aisle like a moron trying to look for the bottles, but didn’t want to ask for help feeling that it would raise suspicion with the clerks. I’ve been over 21 for awhile, but I look SO YOUNG that I’m always afraid that the clerk will think I’m younger and take away my ID. Happened once, true story. Literally, there’s only two liquor stores where I live. How could I not know where the champagne is kept? So I kept walking up and down and up and down (funny enough in the hard alcohol aisles, must have been a sign of things to come), accidentally making eye contact with a girl stocking the shelves before it happened.

“Hi K!” She said. USING MY NAME.
Shit shit shit, I thought to myself. I know that I graduated high school with this girl and she lives near my parents BUT I COULD NOT REMEMBER HER NAME. “Hi! How are you?” I smiled and managed to say after like a 10 second pause. This girl must think I’m dumber than a post.
She smiled back, said good, and kept stocking the shelves.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long after that I found the champagne and picked up two bottles (which I really don’t want to share, but my parents are paying for dinner so I can’t be totally selfish), got carded, paid and grabbed the bag to leave.

“Have a happy new year, K!” She said, walking past me as I left the store.
“You too!” I replied, still not being able to remember her name.

Of course, the second I got in the car I checked my mirror to check out my appearance. I could have given Buzz’s girlfriend a run for her money. Woof. Why is it that whenever I look like an absolute dog I run into people I don’t want to?

Anyways, I left my senior yearbook at my apartment so I can’t even look her up.

I’ve been home for almost an hour and just remembered it.
How long can I blame law school exams for being a dumbass before I look like an even bigger dumbass?



2 thoughts on “I usually don’t post twice in one day, but…

  1. Happy New Year to you, too! I’m glad you’re enjoying my 1L year so far! I can’t believe it’s halfway done, but I’ll be glad when it’s the summer and I can look back and say that I got through my first year. Thank god about “exam brain” lasting for a while. I feel so senile sometimes when I can’t remember anything!


  2. Hey, Happy New Year! Thanks for checking out my posts… I just started reading a few of yours and seems like a blast from the past! 1L is such a roller coaster… but you’ll eventually get through! And, “exam brain” lasts for quite sometime. I like to tell my family that I have to save brain cells for school so I’m a complete ditz/airhead/etc during breaks 😛

    Wishing you the best!

    ~Juliane Ashley


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