I’m typing this next to my fireplace and watching the snow gently fall outside the window.

We’re supposed to be getting 10+ inches of snow overnight. Blizzard conditions, parking bans, plunging temperatures, the works. Bring on the booze and blankets!

ANYWAYS. The last few days have been very dull. I’ve spent a lot of time at home, relaxing. I figured I’d catch up on all the time for relaxing while I can before school starts again. First day assignments have already started rolling in, but you know what hasn’t? MY GRADES. Grades won’t be put up until the 12th. HONESTLY? HOW DO YOU PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO LIVE? I get it, I honestly do. The first week or two after finals I didn’t want to think about school AT ALL. When family members would ask about it, I’d reply with one of these words, “hard”, “demanding” “over-whelming” and then take a huuuuuuge gulp of my drink that they’d feel uncomfortable and walk away. But now, NOW I’m ready to face the music.

I haven’t put makeup on in two days. I haven’t put on jeans since the New Years Eve. My nails are chipping. I”m such a lazy sack of shit. I LOVE IT. I wish I could go to school looking like a hot mess, unfortunately I have to look somewhat decent if I want to keep friends. I guess you win some, you lose some.



  1. I will be! I made sure to cancel all my plans so I didn’t have to drive anywhere. I hope wherever you were planning on going didn’t get too much snow! I am really grateful for the time to relax before school. Thank god for month long vacations!


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