Blackfish *Warning! Not for the faint of heart!*

Hi guys! I’m not sure if I’ve written about anything like this before, but here it goes. . .

I love animals. I really do. I’ve been a vegetarian for three years after taking a philosophy class in college. I refuse to wear leather or fur. I gave up meat for Lent back in high school. My parents rescued our dog from the SPCA. I despise hunting and fishing. Factory farming and the mass production of animals literally disturbs me. I make sure that my makeup and lotions are not tested on animals. I’m also a member of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at my school. I don’t mean to sound so gung ho about animals; I enjoy going to zoos and aquariums just like anybody else, but I try to ensure that the zoos and aquariums are treating the animals properly, using donated money for research and rehabilitation and making the animals environment as similar as possible to their habitat in the wild.

When I heard about this documentary called Blackfish, I was intrigued. For those of you who haven’t heard about this documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, it’s about SeaWorld and the treatment of Killer Wales in captivity and the possible mental, emotional and physical effects that could take place including violence towards trainers.

One male Orca named Tilikum has killed at least three people in his life. Tilikum is the largest Orca in captivity weighing 12,000 pounds and measuring at 22.5 feet long. At age 31, he is also one of the oldest Orcas in captivity. He is still used in shows, but since his third kill he has been separated from the other Orcas, alone in a pool. His quality of life is gone.

I could write a novel about this documentary, but it’s best if you watch it for yourself and make your own opinions about SeaWorld and animals in captivity.

WARNING: This documentary does show some of the injuries that the whales have received from other whales, along with a whale dragging a trainer to the bottom of the pool. The trainer does survive, but his injuries are shown on camera. Also, this is a delicate subject matter so you could find some of it disturbing.

Please watch this documentary.


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