It finally happened… I can’t believe it took this long.


I had a dream/nightmare about getting my final grades back. The picture above shows what my reaction was like when I woke up.

Let’s rewind!

My finals ended on December 12 and our professors said that grades would be released January 12 OR sooner, depending on if the professor hands the grades in earlier. I checked the schedule for the registrar and it was closed a few days before Christmas to January 6. (Remind me to work in the registrar’s office if being a lawyer doesn’t work out!) Since I knew the registrar was going to be closed, I hadn’t really been checking online. Okay, I still checked like once or twice a day, sue me. Starting yesterday, though, I was all over my student record like white on rice… and saw nothing.

I had been kind of freaking out for the past few days because now it’s becoming reality; I will know my grades in about a week.

The past few nights I’ve been so stressed that I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 AM and I’ve lost about 6 pounds. If you know me in real life, you know that I’m such an old lady. I’m in bed, asleep, before 11 PM. I get up at 6 AM like it’s no big deal. I have the Today Show on while I get ready. I might as well put plastic on my furniture and put out a bowl of hard candy on my coffee table to quicken the process. Anyways, last night, I gave myself a stern talking to about staying up that late. It’s not healthy and it’s going to be such a huge pain to get back to my school sleep schedule if I keep staying up so late. I decided that I’d be in bed with no electronic devices at 10:45 PM. I didn’t fall asleep right away, but it’s a start right?

So, you know, I’m just asleep, dreaming, relaxing, recharging, until it happened. Here’s how my dream unfolded:

I’m at my parents house. It’s a two story house, but the second floor is just my sister’s bedroom and my bedroom. I’m in my room and get an email from the registrar that grades have been released. I race online and find out that I got 2 A’s, 1 B and 1 D. But! I couldn’t figure out which grade belonged to which class since it had a code next to the grade, like: 015H67- Grade A. I ran downstairs into the kitchen where my mom was doing dishes and began yelling about how I got a D in Crim. (I’m not sure if I figured out the code or if I just knew it was crim). She told me to have some champagne and relax since I did get 2 As and that’s better than what others received. I opened up my fridge to get the champagne and there were four milk bottles in there with my grades on them! (Also, if you know my family, we don’t drink milk. It’s strange when there’s two bottles of milk in there, forget four). I took the bottle of milk that had my crim grade on it (D) and poured it down the drain, laughing maniacally. END DREAM.

I woke up and was so distraught. Obviously, it’s just a dream and that didn’t happen in real life, (how odd would that be if your grades were delivered via bottles of milk in your fridge!) but that dream makes me nervous in real life! I checked my student account this morning and no grades, yet. I’m really trying to relax and not check, but I can’t help it. Since I’ve only been through one semester, I’m not sure if I get an e-mail telling me that grades are available or if I just need to keep checking.

I’m spending today with my Grammie; we’re going out to lunch and seeing the movie Frozen. Luckily, I’ll kill about 4 hours doing that so at least I’ll be away from the computer for that time.

Anybody else still waiting for grades? Anybody get grades?
I’m going nuts, people!


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