Washing away my insecurities, one clorox wipe at a time.

I left home yesterday to drive back to school. I was really dreading the drive, it symbolized driving back to all of my problems; winter break, on the other hand, felt like I was running away from them. I made the drive in about four and a half hours, which was great. I’m starting to get familiar with the drive so it was easy to let my guard down and relax a little bit. Using my ipod was great to sing along with, no commercials to interrupt my amazingly perfect (sike) singing voice.

School hasn’t started, it won’t for another week, but I feel like I’ve already hit the wall. I’m not looking forward to another semester of feeling like a dumbass, turning into another stress/coffee induced monster and cutting off contact with my friends and family. Obviously I don’t have to feel this way and can change for this coming semester, and I’m going to try. I really, really am. I’m going to try and make some changes, not only with school (studying more, reading more efficiently), but in my personal life, as well.

Since I’ve been feeling blue, I decided yesterday that today was going to be spent deep cleaning the apartment. I always feel better when my space is clean and organized. Maybe since I’m no longer surrounded by clutter physically, I won’t be cluttered emotionally? Who knows. I spent over an hour cleaning my little bathroom and N did the same for the living room. The apartment smells so clean and looks so fresh.

Another plus side to deep cleaning my apartment? Eliminating potential flu germs! The flu is widespread in 25 states, including my home state and my school state. I’m trying my best to keep my immune system up and strong so I don’t miss any classes. Missing classes in college was no big deal, but law school classes? I’d rather not.

Grades come out on Sunday, so I’ll update then!
Until then!


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