I’m extremely frustrated.

All of the 1Ls and 2Ls at my school had to come back from break early to attend a mandatory 4-day financial module. At first I didn’t mind going, you know, learning basic business/financial skills could come in really handy. So yesterday I get to school, sign in and I’m handed the itinerary and see that we’re going to be lectured “Valuation of Business” and “Financial Statements”.

I HAVEN’T EVEN TAKEN CONTRACTS YET! Why am I being lectured on corporate tax?!

It really felt like a giant waste of time.
By 5 PM, when it ended, I was so relieved that it was over that I ate froyo for dinner.

And to make the day worse, I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY GRADES.
A prof was still grading assignments on Friday afternoon.

I understand that profs have a lot of responsibilities on their plates, but COME ON. Winter break was about a month, plenty of time to get exams read and graded.
If I’m expected to show up on time, then profs should be held to the same standard of handing grades in on time.

Day 2 of this module is today. I planned yesterday to get drinks today.
Welcome back to Hell!


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