I got two PI interview requests for summer work!

A few weeks ago, school e-mailed us and urged us to bid on public interest jobs for the summer. I really didn’t want to. Not to say there’s anything wrong with doing public interest work, at all. The people that do give everything to help others and I admire them. I’m just not sure that that area of work is what I’m interested in and I’d feel bad if I took a spot that should have belonged to somebody else.

Looks like I’ll get my chance to figure out if it’s for me or not because I have two interviews with PI groups at the end of the month!

It’s not as if I’m a shoe in for these positions, but it will be great if I do get one! I wouldn’t have to worry about finding summer work later in the semester AND I’d be able to do some PI work. Even if I don’t like it, it’s only for, what, 12 weeks-ish? I can deal with helping people for 12 weeks.

Grades are officially being released tomorrow. The financial module ends tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty good.
Also, I bought my Barrister’s dress and solidified my plans for it and my birthday is in 11 days! Weeeee!


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