I should have used this week to start Scandal, but

Instead, I did nothing even semi-productive.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great to spend some time at home with my family and see some college friends, but I should have used this time more wisely and have actually gotten some work done. Now it’s Friday and I have a to-do list miles fucking long… and I’m leaving to go back to school tomorrow AM. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I have plans to get drinks with some friends tonight, but at least I have a good 8 hours to get work done. Or, I can spend all day Saturday and Sunday in the library. You know, as the typical shit-hole procrastinator (like me!) would (will!) do.

On the bright side, I bought 5 new nail polish colors for spring! I figured I can be as ugly as I want on the inside, but the outside should at least look somewhat put together. So today, and for the next few days until the color chips, I’m wearing Fierce, so Fierce I will be!

Maybe I’ll start Scandal over Easter…


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