My sassy side is coming out to play.

Reasons why today is FANTASTIC:

  1. Got an extra 90 minutes of sleep.
  2. Had three coffees before noon.
  3. My one liner game is on point.
  4. My gas tank is full.
  5. My nails look fierce.
  6. I’m getting margaritas later with boyfriend.

Since today is going SO WELL, I decided to punish myself by going to the lawbrary and attempting to get work done instead of procrastinating. Not procrastinating on reading? I love playing jokes on myself.

This is going to be me in like two weeks:


You know, on second thought, maybe I’ll read for one class today. That way I won’t feel so overwhelmed and I can warrant going out to drinks. Baby steps, guys, baby steps.

PS: admitted students day is today and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I was admitted to law school. Time flies when you’re stressed as shit.


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