Briefs, readings and finals.

I’m getting down to the end of the semester and it feels like all my work is piling up. Oh wait, that’s because it is. Surprise! Life’s pretty busy as a full-time law student with a new relationship (which is going SO WELL. I’m constantly on cloud 9 and I feel amazing).

Because I’m proving to myself, yet again, that I’m a lazy-ass sack of shit, I’m implementing a new school schedule for myself and, unfortunately, this blog has to take a back-seat for a little bit.

A friend sent me this picture today during a discussion about property:


Since I related to it a little too much, I decided that was my sign that I need to buckle down. I’m also aware that this is the second or third entry I’ve written about buckling down, but I truly am this time! And if you’re a law student reading this, consider this your sign! Finals are coming up (duh, like you need a reminder) but all the effort put in now is totally worth it when the grades come back!

Good luck!


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