25 days of 1L year left.

Then I’ll be free!
Since I’m working full time this summer, so I won’t be completely free. More like free to:

  1. Actually call friends and family again, instead of ignoring them for weeks on end
  2. Go to bed at 7:30 PM and not feel terribly lazy the next morning
  3. Start (maybe, potentially) working out? (That’s a stretch, I shouldn’t even put that on here)
  4. Have legit date days/nights where I don’t have to worry about getting con law reading done for the next day.
  5. Enjoy the weather by being outside; as opposed to staring out the windows of the library.

It’s going to be so refreshing not to stick to my school schedule and have a semi-normal person schedule again.

Oh, and I registered for classes for 2L year! Yes, I realized that the whole first half of this post was about how I can’t wait for school to be over, but EXCITED.

I’m taking: Legal writing 3 (litigation), Internet law, a death penalty seminar, con law III, family law and immigration law. It looks like a lot, but it’s only 15 credits so I’m not too worried. Besides, I have Fridays off to recharge, and by recharge, I mean take naps.



2 thoughts on “25 days of 1L year left.

    1. Oh god, I have tons!
      First, I’d say to try and go to school sponsored events before school starts so you can get to know other students. That way on the first few days you have some familiar faces in your classes. Secondly, get your reading done the day it’s assigned. It’s really easy to say you’ll read it tomorrow (which I did A LOT this semester) but it creates a pattern of being a procrastinator. Third, join a club or two. I know the beginning of the year as a 1L is already stressful, but by joining a club you expand your social circle, get tips on classes and professors and outlines.

      Your first semester 1L year will be very stressful and confusing, but you can definitely get through it! Just remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed chances are everybody else is, too. If they say they’re not stressed and that they understand everything, they’re lying.


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