Next task: Oral Arguments July 6

I submitted my moot court brief last night, two hours before it was due. A few weeks ago, I had to schedule my oral argument and I scheduled it for July 6th, partly because I wanted some down time before focusing on the topic again, but mostly because that’s the day that I’ll find out if I get offered a spot.

I hate waiting for things. I hate it. Grades? Kill me. Stop lights? Fuck everything. My email to load? Oh dear god.

I already enlisted my boyfriend to hang out with me that day so I won’t be up my own ass and annoy myself with checking my phone every two minutes. I should spend that day just eating froyo and drinking wine outside- that would put me in a good mood so even if I don’t get on the team I’m surrounded by my favorite things.

All I have to do is breathe and practice until July 6th. So, while you guys are all out having fun, here I’ll be:



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