Help, I’m being worked to death!

I finished my first week of 2L! Even though this is labor day weekend, I set-up my schedule so I wouldn’t have classes on Fridays, partly so I could sleep in a little bit and spend a whole day doing work, but also because when M starts working, we can hang out over the weekend without me being a little stress ball of anxiety and homework. 

Last year, I never, EVER wore sweatpants/yoga pants outside of my house and if I did, it wasn’t to school. Day 2, I was debating on doing it. If that’s not a clear indication of how my week has been so far, here’s a list. 

A few things I’ve noticed:

1. I’m being worked to death, send help.

2. Internet law makes me paranoid (for good reason) that I’m going to violate somebody’s copyright/trademark/etc. 

3. Family law, at least so far, is showing me all the ways a marriage can fail. (SIDE NOTE: If you get divorced, then ask your ex-spouse to be your wife and move back in, and then a year later get married to somebody else without telling the woman you live with, YOU’RE GOING TO END UP WITH NEITHER OF THEM- Nobody likes a two-timing, lying scrub.)

4. LW3 makes me want to die. The prof wants to be completely finished with the course BEFORE Thanksgiving. BEFORE. That’s less than 3 months from now and we only have the class once a week. Sweet baby Jesus SOS.

5. Con Law II is so boring, I think I could entertain myself purely by googling how letters got their shapes, but OH WAIT, no computers. I fucking hate when profs say, “No computers in this class because I read a study that handwriting notes helps you learn the material better.” -_______________- That may be true, but I’m not going to be able to learn anything because MY HAND DOESN’T MOVE AS FAST AS YOU SPEAK so my notes are disjointed and missing massive amounts of material and there’s no autocorrect 😦 My notes look like they were written by a third grader who ate a giant pixie stick, four donuts and drank a gallon of fruit punch and then spun around in a circle for 90 seconds. They’re terrible, I’m actually embarrassed when my friends see them. 

6. Also, sidenote, I hate stupid gunners. PSA:  If you see the class was supposed to end 2 minutes ago, you know, at 7:50 PM, DON’T YOU DARE RAISE YOUR DIRTY LITTLE HAND TO SPOUT YOUR OPINION ABOUT SOMETHING. Just don’t do it. 

7. This goes out to all the 1Ls who were sitting in front of me in the library, (you know the place where you’re supposed to shut the fuck up and do work, be productive and not be a menace on society), you do know the library is a place of learning lawyers who don’t want to hear about how drunk you got, about the girl who you just couldn’t believe showed up to research wearing that outfit, or about how research definitely isn’t a class you’re going to use again. If you speak at normal volume and I make eye contact with you as a polite signal to be quiet, don’t you DARE call me rude. And, if you think I’m rude now (you know, because looking at a horrible disturbance is just so beyond rude), just wait until finals where I’ll really show you rude.  


2 thoughts on “Help, I’m being worked to death!

  1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! How did you like the intro course? My school (as far as I know) didn’t offer one. Is there any way you can switch your seat? I’ve noticed that most gunners calm down in the second semester, which doesn’t do you much good now, but I promise it does get better.
    Use headphones in the library, even if you’re not listening to anything. It muffles the sounds enough to make it bearable.
    Good luck with your 1L year! If you have any questions, email me at


  2. This post was really really funny! Today is my last day of our 1L 2 week introductory course. I have 2 gunners in my section and I’m sandwiched between them. Yay. The library noise has come from employees or from people eating full meals in there. I feel for you.

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