Brief writing, complaining and all around 2L stuff

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, but I love logging in to see that readers are still reading! (Thank you also to LondonLawStudent for nominating me for the Sunshine Award- I’ll be writing an entry about that next! I’m so honored, thank you!)

School’s obviously a pain because if it wasn’t, I’d be back in undergrad. 2L is definitely a LOT more work- readings, assignments and just overall expectations that the profs have- than 1L was. I lost count of how many times I heard, “You’re not 1Ls anymore.” Well, no shit thanks for the life update, please give me another one once I leave my potato stage. (Hint- never, potato for life).  I’ve already started outlining for a class, which I feel like a gunner saying that, but it is honestly so so helpful since I’m organizing all of the tests out and essentially studying as I go along. I don’t know why I didn’t do this last year.
This semester is also a lot more intense extra-curricular activity wise. I’m not on a journal or moot court (although I did try) and I’m really thankful for that- all of my friends are running on fumes and six shots of espresso and I’m running on a bit more than that. But I am President of a bar association and Treasurer of another school organization plus six classes, so I do have my hands full.

Also while talking about activities- I went to Red Mass, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s a mass celebrating the beginning of the Supreme Court docket and asking for blessings/protection for the legal field. I skipped the mass but did make it to the reception and the after party. It’s always really nice to pretend that I’m not in law school for a bit and throw back some dranks. I also have an interview coming up in October along with fall break. Safe to say that school already feels like it’s flying by. (Obviously it’s not really flying by since I’m only at week 5 out of 14.)

I’ll update more once this brief is out of the way. How are your semesters? Any surprises? Mentioning this to 1Ls specifically, is there anything that you found surprising about first semester? Has anybody taken a midterm yet?
Remember, if school seems tough now, just wait until finals.



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