I refuse to sink. I am a pool noodle.

2015 is in only a few days (as if you need reminding!) so it’s time to look back at my 2014 resolutions and realize how I failed at everything.

Link: https://talesfrom3lhell.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/my-new-years-resolutions/

Welp. Let’s get down to business!

Resolution 1: Run a half marathon.
Result: NOPE. Maybe next year.

Resolution 2: Eliminate soda from my diet
Result: 99% fulfilled. I had a few sips, but nothing substantial. I feel so much better!

Resolution 3: Take my makeup off every night.
Result: 75% fulfilled. I’m very proud of myself. As my lady readers know, the last thing that you want to do at the end of the day, exhausted, is to stand in front of the mirror and wipe,wipe, wipe all of the mascara off your eyelashes and wash your face. It’s now becoming a habit for me to do this before bed! Yay!

Resolution 4: Stop eating so much frozen food and have a healthier lifestyle
Result: 50%. I still rely on some frozen things- think vegetables, pizza, etc, but for the most part I’m getting more fresh food into my diet. With the lifestyle aspect- I’m doing pretty well. I walk a lot on weekends with my lovely boyfriend around the city, try and spend more time standing, I pace when I’m on the phone, take the stairs, etc.. I try and convince myself it’s the little changes that can make a huge difference.

Overall: Not that great- not that bad. I’ll try again this year.


2015 resolutions!

  1. Not be such a frigid bitch
  2. Exercise 3 times a week (baby steps, guys. It’s not easy to go from fabulous to even more fabulous overnight)
  3. More vegetables, more fruit!
  4. Get my readings done the day they were assigned. I’m tired of procrastinating.
  5. Start outlining the third week of school.
  6. Be nicer.- There’s a phrase that my mom always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I should stop taking out my frustrations/anger on other people. It’s not their fault I’m upset, so I shouldn’t say anything to take it out them.
  7. Reduce swearing. I’ve recently been told that swearing it’s “ladylike” or “attractive”. I call bullshit but I’ll try this out for science.
  8. NEW ADDITION! Reduce my time on social media.- It’s so easy to get sucked into instagram/facebook/twitter, especially during class or when procrastinating. While I’m not ready to deactivate (I have a few friends who live out of state) reducing my time will be a good way to start enforcing more face-to-face time with friends and to have more time for reading actual books or studying.

That’s all. What are everybody else’s resolutions? Any good ones? Let me know!


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