I survived my last first day of 2L year.

I survived the 12-hour-4-classes-back-to-back-first day.

Here’s my schedule:
8:00-9:25- Legal Profession
10:10-11:35- Employment Discrimination
1:00-3:00- Retirement Policy
5:50-7:50- Worker’s Compensation

Up until 1:30 it wasn’t bad; I was able to run some errands and have lunch before my 1 PM class, which was let out early. But, the only issue was the 4 hour break I had before worker’s comp started. I decided to stay at school and get homework for next week done, since I only have class Monday-Wednesday. I feel good about myself, I stayed the entire time and got all the work done.

By the time 6:15 came along, it was a different story. The prof told us that since it’s still during the add/drop period he wasn’t going to teach a full class and let us out early. Welp, an hour and a half later, guess who was still sitting in class. He taught the entire first chapter!

Me when he decided to go through the history of workers comp, show us part of a movie, and discuss the two assigned cases.

Needless to say, I’m debating on dropping that class. The only perk to it is that it’s once a week and we have an unconventional final- we’re role playing a worker’s comp case, which could come in handy for a summer job.

Other than that, nothing much else has happened. I start my externship tomorrow, which I’m really excited about. I love working, especially when I’m able to use tools, skills and knowledge that I’ve learned in law school and apply it to real life situations. It’s not paid, but I’m hoping that the people I’ll meet and the skills I’ll refine are worth it.

Did any law students have an exciting first day back?


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