Be present. Be here. Be now.

I’m a type-A person; it takes a special type of person to go to law school and somewhat enjoy it and that is me. But, with that personality also comes a lot of bad habits, especially planning for the future.

I absolutely love planning for the future. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I love letting my mind go and really figuring out what I really desire, what goals I want to reach and how I really feel. (Feeeeeeeelings).
While this is a great motivational tool for me to use, the downside is I’m not often present. I can sit through a two hour lecture and not take in a single thing because I’m too busy day-dreaming. I can lay awake for hours just thinking about what places I want to visit. Car rides that are more than 20 minutes are the worst- I stare out the window and just let go. Sometimes I don’t even think, I just blank out. It’s refreshing.

My favorite thing to plan is my life out of law school: The job, the income, my absolutely lovely boyfriend, paying off a small fortune in student loans, and all my friends and I moving on with our lives and becoming real people.

I’m trying to focus on being present, enjoying the little things and actually paying attention go class (or just buying a really good E&E). I’m trying not to forget that all of work that goes into achieving the goals, because I can’t just keep blogging and avoiding my work.

Be present. Be here. Be now. Be fucking productive.
Be drunk.
JUST KIDDING . . . sike.


6 thoughts on “Be present. Be here. Be now.

  1. I’m the same way! If you have some time, you should read “10% Happier” by Dan Harris. It’s not your typical happy go merry self help or motivational book and he’s a type A too. I’m currently listening to the audio version and it talks a lot about being in the present (without making it sound cheesy). Just a thought!


      1. Around 260 pages? It’s a fast read though – the author was a journalist at ABC so writes well and humorously!


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