A Law Student’s Guide To: Oscars and Outlining!

First things first, the Oscars are on tonight- 3 hours of watching glittery, glitzy celebrities brown-nose the hell out of each other all in the name of being deemed “the best”.

Secondly, if you’re like me, chances are you’re sitting on the couch/lying in your bed, with an open casebook on one side, computer on your lap, highlighters scattered around you and a glass of alcohol within arms reach.
Luckily, I was able to get almost all of my work done for Monday last week (go me!) so I’m allowing myself to watch the Oscars, drink and read for evidence. But, if you are behind in your work, GO DO YOUR DAMN READING.

If you’re starting to outline, then you are a gunner. Go take a long walk and take ten seats.
If you aren’t starting to outline, then you are normal. You can stay.

BUT! Now is the time to really starting to think and prepare for outlining- finals can sneak up on unsuspecting law students similar to a four hour binge of House of Cards on Netflix. It’s eerie.
Since tonight is a fun night, definitely watch the Oscars! It’s a great way to distract yourself for a few hours and forget that life as a law student is disgustingly miserable. Pro tip: Do work during the commercials or while the red carpet is on. Fashion, smashion.

You can do it! Fortunately, the Oscars are the last award show of the season- so if you’re like me and are absolutely OBSESSED with celebrities- this is good news. Good luck!


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