10 things I hate about law school

Me to all of my classes and assignments right now.

1. The fact that I have a midterm on Tuesday.
2. Which is the same day I have a 20 page research paper due.
3. Which is the same day that I have a 3 hour makeup class.. at night.
4. I hate doing reflective journals for my externship because I can’t talk about anything I’m doing because of confidentiality.
5. It’s still cold enough where I have to bring a jacket to school.
6. I can’t travel for work, even though I got invited, because it’ll either be during finals or after I leave. This sucks because I’ve put a lot of work into these two projects and won’t get to continue it.
7. That my nail beds suck
8. So do my partially completed outlines.
9. The antsy mood I get in right before finals time where I don’t want to actually do anything but I want to be done.
10. That I (as an individual, not as a member of my family) am lacking a dog. (Even though I would never get one now since I don’t have the time and there’s no yard, etc etc etc.)

Per usual, I’m not very happy right now. If this was a weather forecast, it would be the time where the meteorologist just predicted a huge 24 inches+ snow storm and you know you have to go to the market to stock up on snacks, and the liquor store to stock up on alcohol, but you’re super comfortable on the couch/already have pajamas on/already took makeup off/could win a creature from the black lagoon look-a-like contest/ and you’re halfway done with your evidence reading but the snow will be here in approximately 45 minutes and once you get outside your windows are all covered in a 1 inch thick layer of ice that you have to scrape off… without wearing any gloves.

That’s very specific, I know.

Once this week is over I’ll feel so much better, especially since my two best friends from college are coming down to visit! I can’t wait to see them and catch up! And, then it’s Easter, then finals and then we’re done!
We can do this! Even though we’re all miserable now, in 7 weeks we’ll be done with another year of law school!

Readers, what is the first thing (besides get drunk) that you’ll do once finals are over?


3 thoughts on “10 things I hate about law school

  1. My summer job starts the day after Memorial Day so I, thankfully, have a few weeks to just unwind. But, I agree, wine and grocery shopping it is! (Is this what being an adult is like? I celebrate being done with school by going grocery shopping?)


  2. 1. Somethinginlawschool- be very happy & thankful you are going straight to your judicial internship…it means you have an judicial internship…which will really help you get a job in this crap job market! 2.the first thing we did besides what you mentioned…dissect the exams piece by piece and convince ourselves we failed; that & shopping- groceries and clothing.

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  3. I won’t actually have much of a break between end of finals and my judicial internship. It’s literally “finish finals, start next week.” Lol BREAK OUT THE WINE!! 🍷🍷🍷

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