I’m still alive, just being a lazy slob until work starts

Don’t fret loyal readers, I’m still alive. Laying on the couch, but still alive.

School’s been out since May 4th and since then I’ve been schmucking around being lazy. After school ended, I hung around my apartment and my boyfriend’s apartment for a week, sleeping and dicking around on the internet. Mother’s Day, I drove to my parents and stayed there for a week until I went to Connecticut for M’s sister’s graduation. Then, it was back to PA!

My summer job doesn’t start until May 26th (aka the day after Memorial Day), so I’m trying to relax and get little things done around the house before then. I’ve spent a lot of time reading books online, finding recipes to make, and neglecting my blog. Sorry!

I swear I’ll post more once work starts and I fall in love with my job! Until then, here’s a cute picture of a goat:

Fed this little guy at the zoo. He was the coolest little thing.

Oh, PS: I’ve changed my twitter handle to reflect the fact that I’m now a 3L! @talesfrom3lhell! I’m also in the middle of changing a few things on the blog so check back soon!


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