New post coming soon! New post coming soon!

I haven’t properly updated in so long! Sorry about that! I’m putting the finishing touches on a post that will be published tomorrow night.

Here’s a picture of a bunch of cupcakes to make up for sucking so much.

And here are a few gems to look forward to:

First, “I learned that when career services says, “go to happy hour at your firm, it’s a great networking experience” it’s actually more like “stay after work and drink with the partners and attorneys and listen to them talk about their boats and trips to the Hamptons and feel bad that you suck.”

Second, “Always be the best dressed intern in the office. If you don’t have great business clothes (like me), just pray the other interns dress worse than you.”

Third, “If your firm says there is free coffee in the kitchen, and to help yourself to it, drink 24 ounces a day to show them that you take their advice seriously.”

Fourth: “Pray that you sit in a desk that everybody has to walk by first thing in the morning. This way everybody will see you were there earlier than them and left later than them. Also, hope that seat is by a bathroom because there’s nothing worse than walking across the entire floor 12 times a day because of that 24 oz coffee you drank.”

And lastly, “Treat this job like it’s a two month job interview. Ask for advice and feedback often. If they have nothing to give you, it means that they don’t care or you are so perfect they can’t find a single fault with your work, personality, or overall being (aka me).”


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