I’m angry because I’m fat

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve noticed something about myself. Are you ready to read it? I’m getting chunky. Chunky chunky chunky. I’m a short girl- I’m only 5’1 so any spare weight is extremely noticeable. It’s such a curse, it’s a good thing I have an amazingly perfect personality to make up for my body.

Here’s a picture of me

My bikini body is in hibernation right now and probably for the rest of my life unless I change some of my lifestyle choices/activities to become a healthier me. I think I’m going to the shore with M and his family in August, have one wedding in September, and another in October so I need to start making these changes NOW so I don’t look like Grimace’s younger sister.

So, the beginning of this week I decided to make some changes and will (hopefully!) stick to them during the summer and through the school year.

Change #1. Working out at least 30 minutes 3x a week
My go-to types of workouts, at least as of now, are those that absolutely kick my ass in 40 minutes or less; with such a short time, I make sure that these workouts are high intensity so it’s worth it. My favorite youtube channel is FitnessBlender, it has 450 full workouts, plus it updates every week with new ones. Lately I’ve tried to get in a workout right after I get home from work and before I have a chance to start eating dinner or watching the news. By the time it’s 7 o’clock, I’ve worked out and showered and I’m ready to eat dinner. It’s a nice little schedule.

Change #2: Bringing my lunch to work every day
The building I work in has four restaurants right outside and another dozen or so within walking distance. I made the mistake of forgetting my lunch at home one day and paid $11 for a salad and some grapes. $11! Can you believe that? I was so angry, I made a promise to myself to always bring my lunch to work from here on out. My favorite so far has been: turkey sandwich on multigrain bread, an apple/orange, a cheese stick, and some baby carrots. Right now I’m on a turkey binge, so I doubt my lunch will change anytime soon. But, if you’re not a turkey person, or if you’re looking for something different, try checking out Popsugar’s Easy Work Recipes. There’s 40 ideas ranging from soup to tofu to sandwiches- all cheap and easy to bring to work.

Change #3: Getting 8 hours of sleep.
I have a bad habit of going onto my computer or phone if I don’t immediately fall asleep at night. The blue light from these devices lead to me staying up later and not sleeping as deeply. It’s a horrible chain to be in. I’m enforcing a new rule: No electronic devices once I get into bed. I know that I should be making that rule for an hour before bed, but baby steps. For those who are interested, here’s a sleep infographic that gives some dos and don’ts for sleeping. Another particularly interesting article is this Sleep Deprivation and Obesity article from Harvard’s Public Health School which goes through the possible correlation between number of hours slept and the body percentage rate.

Does anybody have any tips to sticking to a workout schedule? How do you keep yourself disciplined?


2 thoughts on “I’m angry because I’m fat

  1. fitness blender is my favorite, too! I appreciate the fact that it’s free lol as opposed to other workout videos. Hang in there, I feel the same way too, as of late.


    1. I really like the fact that it’s free, too! And that the female instructor (I can’t remember her name) looks and acts normal, not sexy. It’s really refreshing.

      We can do it! As long as we make it part of a routine, we’ll be fine!

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