TalesFrom3LHell’s Journey to Law School

To all of my new followers- Hi and thanks for following me! My name is K and I’m a rising 3L in law school. You’ve followed me for a few reasons: 1. You’ve gotten into law school and you want to see what it’s really like; 2. You’re interested in going to law school and you want to see if it’s really for you; or 3. I followed you first and you followed me back to be polite. Either way, thanks!

In order to find my blog as funny/inspiring as I do, I should probably explain my story: When I got into law school, at first I was afraid, I was petrified. I had to move over 300 miles away from all of my friends to a whole new geographic area. What if people made fun of my (lack of) accent? What if I couldn’t find a job? What if I wanted to go home for some random reason? Holidays? Winter break? WHAT WAS A GIRL SUPPOSED TO DO?! 

Actually, let’s flash back to my senior year in college! Picture it: Fall 2012, Boston Massachusetts. I’m a 21 year old political science major splitting my time between my work study, internship, part time job, LSAT studying, and writing my thesis. I hated studying for the LSATs, I was horrible at the logic games. Games? You call that a game? If it’s a game, then where were the cheat codes? Where can I enter rosebud;!;!?

Anyways, I sat for the exam, took it, had a mini-breakdown, and sent in my applications. I’d like to say that I promptly forgot about my applications and instead focused on finishing my thesis/college, but who am I kidding? I checked the status of my apps every day and knew every update. I felt like that song by the Police was constantly in my head, “Every step you take, every move you make… I’ll be watching you.”

About three/four/five months later I got my first rejection letter which I promptly set on fire and flushed away. Then I got my second, and my third, fourth, fifth and a waitlist. I’ve never felt so discouraged and stupid in my entire life. Put it this way, I was always known as the smart friend, smart cousin, smart daughter (my sister excelled at social activities), smart whatever, and suddenly I wasn’t that anymore. That feeling lasted until I was offered a spot at my current law school. YES! I was back on the top of the world, on top of all the plebeians, where I belonged!

Getting accepted to law school was the motivation I needed to finish out my senior year; I received governmental honors after defending my thesis, admitted to two honor societies, and graduated with a 3.79. Two months after graduation, I packed up all of my stuff and moved to my new home!

I recently read this quote about law school that I thought was extremely accurate: “Law school is like being hit by a car and then dragged down the street for three years.” It felt like exactly like that- but make that street covered in thumbtacks and rubbing alcohol.

This happened more than a couple times

I’ll update again in a few days with a recap of my 1L year and how I had the breakdown to end all breakdowns. For now, leave some comments about specific questions you have for me to answer in my next post! How excited are soon-to-be 1Ls about law school? Anything you’re nervous about?


7 thoughts on “TalesFrom3LHell’s Journey to Law School

  1. You had a 3.7 and you got rejected numerous times!? My GPA is a horrible 3.5 and I’m an English and legal studies major at a HBCU! I plan on applying to 20 schools and more than half are top 20 law schools in the country. If I get rejected by all 20 I may just split my wrist !!! (Dry humor, not serious) but seriously ! Idk what I would do. I have also not started studying for the LSAT, which I will be taking this October! Hopefully I can score high on my LSAT if not I’m screwed. Do you have any advice on studying for the LSAT? Like how does one even begin to study for such a test ?


    1. Yup, I actually got into three law schools and I applied to nine. If it was me, I wouldn’t apply to the prestigious schools unless you know that your LSAT will be 160+. My LSAT was a 153, which put me in the top 25% for GPA, but bottom 25% for LSAT and most schools rely more on the LSAT to determine success in law school.

      Start studying for the LSAT. Do at least an hour everyday, and increase that time closer to the exam. I treated it like the SATs, which I scored pretty high on, and it’s not at all like that. You have to have the answers and have the strategy to score high. Buy a couple LSAT prep books and take timed exams once or twice a week. It’ll suck, but it’ll help teach you how to prioritize your time. If you’re able to, take a class. My friends who took them said they were helpful for strategy.

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    1. Those are two really normal things to be worried about!

      You’ll be surrounded by law school friends, but after a while try grabbing dinner/drinks/lunch with some non-law school friends. Try make it a once a month or once every few weeks; it’ll give you something to look forward to and you won’t get too behind on your work.

      Having a life is difficult the first few weeks/months. I’m not going to lie. Be sure to join some school clubs, make time to work out, or do happy hour with law school friends (but make a rule: no talking about law stuff!). It’ll be hard, but eventually this will be your new normal, at least for a little bit.

      It does get easier after your first semester and first year.

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