Kicking (Theoretical) Ass, and Taking (Notes)

Here are some tips on note taking for all the incoming 1Ls!

Taking notes is the second most important thing about law school (taking exams are the first), so take a look over at this blog for some advice.

Personally, I will always take notes on my computer through Google Drive. My notes will never be lost, are constantly saved, and I can access them from any computer. The only way I can handwrite notes is if I type them beforehand, print them out, and then add my notes in the margins. Remember, there’s no wrong way to take notes, it’s whatever works best for you.

This is me. I type with purpose.

This Law School Life

A big part of law school obviously is note taking. It’s an essential skill. But the best way to do so? That’s up for debate. Some of the professors at my law school don’t allow laptops in class, so in those classes you’re going old school with pen and paper. Others are all about the laptop.

The best advice I can offer off the bat – stick with what you know and are comfortable with for the first week or two. I took most of my notes in college by hand, and I should have stuck to that more first semester.

BUT. There’s drawbacks to that. Outlining is SO much easier if your notes are digital already. I can’t stress enough that one of my worst habits was outlining too late, but even if you’re running late, if they’re already typed, transferring them is so much easier than going through…

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