True life: I am basic and I can’t even.

You read that correctly. I am basic.

This semester has been kicking my ass and has been an absolute cake walk at the same. It’s bizarre. This is week number 5 out of 14, so there’s about 9 weeks left in the semester. That means 9 weeks of every basic bitches favorite type of weather: fall!

Here are some reasons why I love fall:
1. Can sleep with my window open and wake up in a cocoon of warmth and not sweat.
2. I can put a sweater on in the morning and not die of heatstroke by the time I leave class.
3. Two words: Apple picking.
4. Hallo-friggen-ween. The only time of year where a girl can dress like a total slut and nobody can say anything about it.
5. Thirteen nights of Halloween on ABC Family.
6. Trying to convince myself I am a brave, almost-25-year-old and I can go to a haunted house, but then getting too scared and starting to cry when I’m on the drive there.
7. Flannel, leggings and riding boots, anybody?
8. FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL. aka lunch beers, nachos, and afternoon naps.
9. Cuddling and going on basic-ass adventures with my absolutely lovely boyfriend.
10. Thanksgiving/eating the largest mountain of mashed potatoes as possible before going into a food coma.

I just love fall. I just can’t even.


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