Spending the weekend with the Pope. Yes, we’re best friends.

Okay, maybe that title is a little exaggerated, but still. As everybody knows, unless you live underneath a very large rock, the Pope endured a 6 day tour of the United States which included stops in DC, NY and Philly to say mass, kiss babies, bless the sick, and hopefully take some selfies with the Rocky statue.

M and I stayed in Philly all weekend, venturing out only to hear the Pope speak. I felt like a hermit crab sticking his head out to see what’s going on, then pulling it right back in again. We tried to go running but there were so many streets shut down that we did a baby 2.17 mile run then ran back inside to watch Netflix. Although we did take a walk down into Center City (aka zombie apocalypse central) to get rid of cabin fever and pick up a delicious cannoli from Potito’s Bakery. (Shameless plug, that place is amazing and I want to eat everything behind the glass!).

Since I failed at getting tickets to get anywhere near the Pope, we utilized the roof deck on M’s building. We camped out up there on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon with drinks, snacks, and a blanket. We couldn’t really hear the Pope (he spoke in Spanish), so we improvised and found a live stream on the internet so we could read what he was saying close to real time!

Here are some pictures!

Here’s the Art Museum
The Philadelphia skyline at night. Isn’t it beautiful?
The sunset over University City.
People swarming the Pope Mobile. If you look closely, you can see him standing! (Hint: He’s in white!)
Some refreshments that we brought up to enjoy. Notice the Art Museum in the background.

It was really amazing to be able to spend this nearly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with M. He’s so special to me and I’m glad I was able to have this experience with him.

I still hate law school. Only 11 more weeks left until the end of fall semester!


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