How to watch the Democratic Debate while in law school

Step 1: Gather your books

Step 2: Gather your computer

Step 3: Gather your alcohol

Step 4: Play this game:

  1. Drink every time a candidate goes over their time
  2. Drink every time a candidate gives Anderson Cooper attitude about going over their time
  3. Drink every time Hillary slithers out of answering a question
  4. Drink every time you forget there’s five people on the stage
  5. Drink every time Webb gives you the angry old man vibe
  6. Drink every time Chafee says something stupid
  7. Drink every time you see the pile of books next to you
  8. Drink every time O’Malley makes you think of “Thomas O’Malley the alley cat”
  9. Drink every time Sanders sounds like an old jewish grandmother giving you life advice
  10. Drink every time a commercial comes on
  11. Finish your drink when the debate ends and you realize that you have an 8 AM tomorrow

Step 5: Chug some water, make somebody bring you to Taco Bell for fourth meal, and go to bed! Congratulations, you’ve survived the first Democratic Debate! 


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