Second round interview recap!

I had my first second-round interview on Wednesday. Here are some tips I feel like everybody should know:

  1. Always give yourself more than enough time. On Wednesday, it was raining extremely hard and my entire drive was on the highway. At one point, the backsplash from tractor trailers and other cars was so heavy that I couldn’t see more than 10 feet ahead of me. I had to resort to crawling (Okay, so 45 miles an hour instead of my usual 120 miles an hour), but still made it with fifteen minutes to spare.
  2. Don’t try to make small talk with the security guards. They’ll either talk your ear off, eating up your precious time or they’ll be convinced that you’re only being nice to distract them so you can put some diabolical plan of destruction into action.
  3. If you have a hideous laugh like me, tone that monstrosity down. My interview was with two people, and the door was kept open, so if I cackled the entire office would hear it and stare incredulously.
  4. Send thank you notes BEFORE the office closes. I made that mistake on Wednesday and felt terrible about it. I like to send thank you emails from my computer because it has my email signature, including my linkedin, while my iphone doesn’t and has that annoying “sent from my iphone” message at the bottom. Fortunately, the secretary was incredibly nice and forwarded it to the two people I interviewed with the next morning.
  5. Go to all interviews starving. I found out that I scored one of the highest scores on the panel interview, and I was recommended by another employer to the one I just interviewed with. What does that say about me? That being hungry as hell means that I come across as intelligent, charming, and perfect and not at all hangry. Hmmmm.
  6. Always make a Harry Potter reference even if it doesn’t fit into the conversation. I was asked what my hobbies were. This is an innocent enough question, but employers want to know what you do in your free time and to find what you’re passionate about. I said: “running, reading, and baking,” and was asked what my favorite book is. I was that jerk that said, “I can’t pick a favorite because then I’m bias towards other books, so I’m going to choose a whole series, which is the Harry Potter series. I grew up reading that series and I have a soft spot for it.” It actually worked in my favor because the second interviewer said she was going to Harry Potter World next week. Bonding!
  7. Be sure to bring your writing sample- even if you have already submitted it!!!!!!! I had already submitted one writing sample, but conveniently left my formal writing sample in my folder, which I had brought with me. The interviewer requested a formal writing sample, acknowledging that he didn’t tell me to bring one,  but guess who busted that bad boy out AND remembered what her fact pattern and analysis was like? Oh yes! Me! I could tell the interviewer was impressed that I brought it and the process of decisions could be made that much faster.

I should be hearing back in a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed everybody!

Oh, and one more life tip. I love dogs, but if you see a car with some dogs in it and no human, don’t go up to the car. I had a dog bark in my face and I nearly had a heart attack. Jerk!


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