Buried in an avalanche of stress. somebody send a lifesaver! (Not the candy, those are gross!)

Repurchase share agreements? DGCL §141(a)? What’s a contract?

I’m reaching the point in the semester where it’s getting close to finals and all my professors are SLAMMING us with work to be sure they finish the entire syllabus. I don’t mind doing a lot of work, I usually get it all done before 6 PM anyways, but I hate when professors rush through entire concepts just so they can say that we finished the book.

I’m trying to read/take notes on my assignments the day they’re assigned, since duh, so much easier than procrastinating and waiting until the morning of, and I have to say it works out pretty well. The material is already pretty fresh in my mind, the professor has office hours, and by dinner time, I’m done with my work.

Besides the obvious advantages of getting my work done, this gives me all the free time to have a mental breakdown about what I’m going to do after graduation. I graduate in May, in June I sacrifice myself to the Barbri gods, take the PA/NJ bar exams in July, and in August my lease is up. This is like senior year of college all over again except 100% worse. Now instead of being a 22 year old college graduate who knew she was accepted to law school, I’ll be a 25 year old law school graduate who knows that Wawa is better than Sheetz.

My boyfriend and I have semi-serious talks about the future all the time. When most couples have serious talks it’s about marriage, moving in, children, etc, which don’t get me wrong, we do too, but for the most part, our serious talks are more like this:

Him: “What personal goals do you want to meet within the next year?”
Me: *Lists out goals*
Him: *Also lists out his goals*
*Punch buggy drives by, neither of us punches the other*
Me: “I’m thinking of interviewing for these types of positions in Jersey. Thoughts?”
Him: *Lists some advantages*
Me: *Lists some disadvantages*
*Punch buggy drives by, neither of us punches the other*
Him: “I’m thinking of looking for a new job. What do you think?”
Me: *Lists out advantages*
Him: *Lists out disadvantages*
Me: “It’s 2 PM, want to get lunch?”

One of the best things about dating somebody who graduated law school before you did is that they’ve already done everything before. They’ve been nervous about graduation, spent days studying for the bar, and have gone through the job hunt, and M knows exactly what to say to help me calm myself down and put thoughts into actions.

While I’m incredibly stressed, taking the time to get my work done early gives me the evening to think of goals that I want to meet and start working towards them. Right now, I have three things I’m focusing on: 1. Graduating school, 2. Taking the bar exam, and 3. Finding a job for after graduation.

  1. Graduating school: I won’t be able to graduate if I don’t get my work done. As hard as business organizations is, and as boring as labor law is, I still have to go to the class, participate, take notes, and do the readings. Finals are in about four weeks, and I need to do well to boost up my GPA. If I don’t graduate, then I don’t need to worry about finding a job or taking the bar exam because I won’t have to.
  2. Taking the bar exam: Fortunately, I’ve already taken and passed the MPRE, so I need to focus on the MBE and the essay sections. My hotel in PA has been booked, and I’m booking my hotel in NJ soon. My parents were nice enough to offer to pay for the registrations for both states for me. Bar prep will be paid off by February; and next semester I’m taking a bar prep class through my school. All in all, I’m pretty prepared. When it gets closer to graduation, I’ll make out a study schedule/attack plan, but for now, I feel good.
  3. Finding a job for after graduation: I like taking a major goal and dividing it up into small, doable sections, this way I’m not completely overwhelmed. With my job hunt, I applied to five clerkships and a panel initiative a month ago. From that, I’ve had three one-on-one interviews and one group interview. I should be hearing back soon from one that I really want. If I don’t get any of these, then in December, and every month after, I’ll apply to five new jobs. This way, I’m not waiting until after I take the bar to start my search from the beginning, after all the jobs I’m interested are gone.

After these three goals are met, then I can focus on other goals like: paying down my student loans, joining a running club, and becoming more involved in a community service organization.

Readers, what are some goals that you have that you want to meet? How are you dealing with the stress of school and work? What are some healthy coping mechanisms that you use?


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