Tis the season to be cranky.. Fa la la la la, help me please.

My first final is a week from today, so I’m still not feeling the urge to study. I know that the earlier I start, the better my grade will be, but I just can’t.

No thank you, not today. Please check back tomorrow.


On a positive note, I have about half of my Christmas shopping done. I really like buying presents for other people, especially when you know that they’ll enjoy it. My favorite place to look for personalized gifts is Etsy.com. It’s great for finding that gift that you can’t find in stores.

This weekend, I put down my books and M and I did a ton of Christmas themed activities. We went to Peddler’s Village which is a super cute village in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We browsed some shops, roasted marshmallows, saw Santa, watched a parade, and ate a delicious caramel/pretzel/chocolate treat.

That night, we went and saw the movie Krampus. We hardly ever go to the movies because of Netflix or finding it online, but we both really wanted to see this movie. Everybody should go see it, it was hilarious and spooky, and filled with a great cast of characters. We finished our night by driving around and trying to find Christmas lights. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find many decorated houses, but it was still nice.

On Sunday we went to Dicken’s Day, and spent a few hours walking around and watching various groups sing, dance, and perform. It was a lot of fun. Horn’s Punch and Judy Show, a puppet show originally performed in England, was delightful! It was a good, clean show with just enough hints of adult humor for everybody to enjoy themselves. We finished our day with a slow cooker vegetable/meatball soup and picking out our first Christmas card as a couple. (It’s the little things!)

But now it’s Monday and I’m back at school studying away. Anybody else have a good weekend? How are you preparing for finals?


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